Choosing a good houston carpet store might seem a bit daunting. There are several different places to pick from – so how do you know which store sells the flooring that you want? Well, you could do a Google search and look at the reviews, but that may not help you as much as you think it would. You also could look up online shops to see what the selection is. However, neither of these things will help you determine whether or not the store sells the carpeting that you want. Here are four things that you need to know.

1) Walk around the Store

Yes, this sounds a bit time consuming, and you may not have the time to go through absolutely all of the stores in your area. However, you can learn about the shop just by taking a quick glance at what they have to offer. Ask yourself – is the store clean? Is the carpeting section easy to find? Are there floor samples to available to touch and examine? If the answer to those questions is yes, then you have a contender.

2) Pricing Matters

Next, check out the pricing. Do the prices seem exorbitant? Good carpeting isn’t cheap, but there are limits as how much the pricing per square foot should be marked up. Also, does the store run frequent sales? Checking out their website can tell you some of what you need to know about this. They might also have specials for people on their mailing list, so you might want to sign up for that as well. Anything that you can do to gauge their pricing is important. You need to know if you can afford the carpeting that they’re selling.

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