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Carpet tiles a.k.a Carpet Squares are a great flooring solution with many uses from commercial and office spaces to homes and apartments.



  • Quick and easy installation
  • Great for DIY
  • If one becomes damaged it can easily be replaced compared to roll carpeting – this is why commercial carpet tiles are a top choice for offices and businesses!

Houston Flooring Warehouse has a lots of carpet tiles for sale in Houston in stock TODAY!


Carpet tile specials:




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Some basic info on carpet tile

You have cheap carpet tiles available in wide varieties in the market. Many people think that they have to spend lots of money to buy them. That is not true. You can buy cheap carpet tiles online or in the carpet stores. People like these tiles because of their hassle free installation and removal. You can do it yourself at home without the help of the professionals. Therefore you can save installation charges. As there are no installation charges for cheap carpet tiles, they could be said as really cheap. When you want to buy cheap carpet tiles, you have to check its density, weave and texture. You cannot compromise quality for the price. Therefore you have to analyze various textures such as cut and loop, Saxony, plush, tufted, flat weave, knotted pile, corrugated or woven and select the right choice. Some type of cheap carpet tiles are made of wool, olefin or nylon. Therefore you have to choose what you need. The right quality is needed for right place. For example for high traffic area, you need thinner varieties and for kidsí room you may need multicolor varieties. The types of cheap carpet tiles vary according to the level of loops and twists in the fibers. They are available in different colors and designs. When your children spill something on the carpet tiles accidentally and if this causes tough stains you can easily replace the stained tiles. You need not change the whole carpet as in the case of ordinary carpets. You can save money considerably in this way. Usually the density of thinner varieties is lesser and so they would be cheaper. The carpet tiles are more advantageous than using wall to wall carpeting. You can install them easily. There is no trouble of taking all your furniture out of the room. You can remove one piece if it get stained or damaged instead of taking all of them out. They are installed with the help of special glue. They are extremely durable and will last for a longer period of time. You can create creative designs and patterns in carpet tiles. You can create different styles by mixing various colors and create borders or center design with these carpet tiles. You have carpet tiles to suit all budget ranges. They could be installed on ceramic tile, cement or stone. The surface should be clean and smooth so that you get a good finish after installation. The padding of the carpet tiles gives a smoother feel for your toes. You will really like them. The cheap carpet tiles are available with or without adhesive backing. The self adhesive type of cheap carpet tiles has a sheet of paper at the back. You have to peel this off before positioning them on the floor. Also you can buy another variety which is interlocking carpet tiles. This is quite easy to install with its interlocking facility. Though you can buy cheap carpet tiles for about one dollar per piece, do not go for very cheap varieties as they might not be durable. You can find cheap carpet tiles in online stores. Sometimes you get additional offers as discounts and free shipments. You have to look out for deals and compare prices before making purchase. Though you buy cheap carpet tiles make sure that they are best of its kind. The carpet tiles are good alternatives to carpeting as you get the soft feel of carpet under your feet with these tiles. If you want to install single carpet for the entire floor area, you have to spend more money for that. However this is not needed for carpet tiles. You get the same look and feel of carpeting with them without the necessity of expensive installation. These carpet tiles are available in different colors and designs. They are made of different materials such as foam, rubber, vinyl and linoleum and you can impart brand new look to your rooms with these tiles. The carpet tiles discount is offered under particular conditions. You cannot get discount all round the year. You can get them only during particular time period because discounts are offered under certain conditions. You have to look out for discounts. If you are searching for carpet tiles discount online, you can sign up for the newsletters of the company. You will be notified of the offers when they come. The different types of carpet tiles discount are promotional, overruns, seconds and closeouts. You have to check with the carpet dealers to find out which type of discount it is. The quality of product will vary for each type of carpet tiles discount. The promotional carpet tiles are issued to check the response of the people for the product. This is usually done when the company launches new products or new patterns or new sizes. This carpet tiles discount is available only for a short time period. You have to run to grab such opportunities. This discount is offered to check if the product is a success or a failure. The overruns are another type of carpet tiles discount which is offered when the manufacturer overproduces the product and is in urgent need of unloading his inventory. These products are offered to the dealers at huge discount price and these are sold at discount to the consumer as well. You can search for such overruns and reduce your budget. This will help you to avail quality products at cheap price ranges. There are also seconds carpet tiles discount. This type of discount is offered for defective products. These types of carpet tiles have minor defects which prevent them from being sold as first quality. The defects may be of any type, in its color or pattern. However these defects would not hinder its installation. You can save as much as 70% when you buy these products. You have to be sure that the product does not have problems with the backing peeling away from the surface. The carpet tiles discount is offered for closeouts too. You can save money in these small lots of tiles. They are the leftovers of large lots and so you cannot get these tiles in big quantities. Alternatively you can mix and match them with other designs to make your room look unique and customized. You have multiple color choices in these types of tiles. Good Luck! The carpet tiles are available in different thicknesses. You can choose that one that would suit your room interior. Not only that they are comfortable but also they provide insulation. You can make use of thinner tiles for high traffic area. You have different type of carpet tiles for natural look for outdoor usage. Also there are terracotta tiles that give an earthen feel to the atmosphere. The carpet tiles make the room bright and lively. You can select your desired patterns to get the desired effect. You can use them at any places like childrenís rooms, offices and other areas of house where the wear and tear will be more. The thickness and density of the carpet tiles determine its price. You have cheaper models which are just one dollar per square foot and expensive ones ranges up to forty dollars per square foot.      


We have many carpet tiles in stock NOW.  Ask your rep for our best carpet tile deals!

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