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Commercial Carpet Tile and Carpeting Squares Deals at Houston Flooring Warehouse

Commercial Carpet Tile SPECIAL – Cash&Carry Materials only

  • $1.50 /sf.  Commercial Carpet Squares
    • Nexus modular glue also available
  • Lifetime wear warranty if you use the Nexus Modular glue!
  • High Quality Material made by J&J carpet mills
  • installation also available – ask your sales rep

Commercial Carpet Tiles / Carpeting Squares


  • Construction Textured loop
  • Backing Nexus modular
  • Dye Method Solution dyed
  • Fiber Type Apex SDP Polyester
  • Fiber Weight 15 oz.
  • Pile Density 5133
  • Product Size 24X24
  • Gauge 1/10
  • Indoor Air Quality GLP9716
  • Pill Test Passes
  • Flooring Radiant
  • Panel Class 1 (ASTM E-648)
  • Smoke Density Less Than 450 (ASTM E-662))
  • Static Test Less Than 3.5 kv (AATCC-134)
  • Lightfastness Passes
  • Installation Methods
    • Installation Methods Quarter Turn,
  • Warranties
    • 10-Year performance for wear
    • Lifetime fiber performance for static
    • Lifetime stain removal
    • Lifetime colorfastness to light and atmospheric contaminants
    • Lifetime for tuft bind strength (edge ravel, yarn pulls, zippering)
    • Lifetime against delamination

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There are so many advantages of using commercial carpet tiles and the most important among them all is that they are easy to install and easy to maintain. You can simply pop out the stained or unclean tile and clean it in a sink. Whenever a particular tile gets worn out, you need not replace the carpet for the whole room. Instead you can easily replace that particular tile.

The commercial carpet tiles are also called as modular tiles because you can mix and match any design and create any pattern. You can select all the tiles in one color or you can create your own patterns. With commercial carpet tiles you can incorporate any other floor coverings so produce a visual appeal. You can install the tiles in a variety of ways to complement the interior of the room. You can change the look whenever you want. So you can change them periodically to give a fresh appeal. When you compare with scrapping all the flooring and starting over they are very much cheaper.

The office carpet tiles are the perfect choice of flooring for your office and commercial outlet. You must install appropriate tiles for your workplace to impart professional look. Therefore you need special type of tiles for these areas. The dÈcor of the commercial outlet is one of the important things that determine the outcome of your business undertaking. The office carpet tiles are also called as modular carpet tiles. They are easy to install and clean and so they are preferred for official areas.

You have wide variety of styles and colors of office carpet tiles and they are available in all price ranges. You have simple tiles that give you a fresh appeal. Also you can mix and match different colors to get customized look. They are available in variety of shades such as blues, greens, blacks, browns and reds. You can develop newer and stylish designs to give a trendy look to your office by combining these colors.

The office carpet tiles are used not only for offices but also for commercial outlets, shopping areas and health clubs. The main advantage of these office carpet tiles is that they mask the sounds of footsteps thus providing you with a noise free work environment. If you hear noises while you are concentrating hard on your work, you will certainly feel disturbed. So you need something that would suppress the noise. The office carpet tiles are used for this purpose mainly.

Proper maintenance of office carpet tiles is very important to make the area look clean. You have to clean it with vacuum cleaner periodically. You must make sure that the carpet must be free from spills of all kinds. Also you must keep them away from moisture. Always choose bacteria resistant office carpet tiles as this discourages growth of molds and mildews. Choosing right choice of office carpet tiles will enhance the dÈcor of your office. You have wide variety of designs to choose from.

You can buy office carpet tiles either from the online stores or from the commercial carpet tile stores. You must find out that particular tile that would suit your taste and budget. You may get the help of a commercial carpet contractor so that he would assist you in estimating the quantity needed. The normal carpet tile would not offer a professional look to the office. So installing the special office carpet tiles will offer you the perfect look that you may expect from them.

Laying carpeting squaress could be said as an art. You can blend your creativity with the activity and mix and match any color scheme. You can create any pattern of your choice while laying carpeting squaress to make your room look unique and customized. When you buy carpeting squaress you have to stack them on a flat surface. You have to stack them one above the other, but do not stack them more than 10 boxes.

When you are laying carpeting squaress you have to keep the tiles for 48 hours so that they will fit to the room temperature. When you are laying carpeting squaress, you must make sure that the temperature is at least 12 degree Centigrade and the humidity does not exceed 65%. You must close and cover the premises. The surface on which you are laying carpeting squaress must be smooth clean and dry. Also it should be non-compressible.

You may start laying carpeting squaress on any type of flooring, vinyl flooring or wood or fibre board panels or reconstituted wood panels. In the case of vinyl tiles you must correct any irregularities present and remove the surface chemicals. If the floor surface is uneven you have to install a panel of plywood before laying carpeting squaress. When you have under floor heating, the heating must be turned off 48 hours before laying the tiles. You must make sure that the temperature of the floor must not exceed 28 degree Centigrade.

Laying carpeting squaress must be carried out according to the manufacturerís instructions. You have to use right quality glue for fixing. This must be compatible with the backing of the tiles. You have to read the gumming time and method of application carefully. You have to apply an even layer of glue and position the tiles. You have to lay the tiles from the center. Only then you can create your own designs and patterns. The laying must be done according to the direction of the fibres. This will be given by arrows on the back of the carpeting squaress. You have to lay them in the determined direction.

Before laying carpeting squaress you have to measure up your room and start the process. You must check to see if all the tiles belong to the same batch. The batch numbers are given on the label of each box. You must work according to the gumming time of the manufacturer. The size of the tiles will be usually 18 inches by 18 inches. If you have to lay the tiles for the entire surface of the room you may have to cut the tiles to fit at the edges. Good Luck!

The commercial carpet tiles are made to give a longer lasting life time. Also you have a number of design flexibility. This would fit your installation perfectly. You have wide varieties of styles and designs in all color shades. You have to select one that would suit your interior decorations. They are available in all price ranges and so commercial carpet tiles would fit into your budget. When you are thinking of flooring your commercial complex, it is better to choose these types of tiles.

The commercial carpet tiles are easy to clean with the vacuum cleaner. Usually the traffic would be higher in commercial areas. So it is better to choose thinner tiles. This would make the maintenance easy. You need not strain you in cleaning these tiles. When a particular area gets stained, you can simply remove them and wash them under the running water in your sink. So these types of commercial carpet tiles are ideal for restaurants, offices and hotels. You can select multicolored varieties or monotone colors with classic designs.
Installing commercial carpet tiles is very easy. You need to spread them across the floors and glue each one of them separately. The special carpet adhesive is available in the stores which sell carpet tiles. You can use them for gluing. Your room would look unique with commercial carpet tiles.


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