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Benefits of Hardwood Flooring Vs Carpet Flooring

Every Houston homeowner either constructing or remodeling will deal with the issue soon – install hardwood floors or carpet? It can be a difficult decision, just like selecting what color paint to paint the outside of your home and exactly what color walls to splash on the interior. While paint is primarily about visual appeal, hardwood flooring vs carpet flooring is all about features and longevity.

One of the most distinguishing aspects between hardwood floors and carpet floors is resilience. If you have pets or children, there’s no navigating it – you will have to replace carpet. Children spill food and drinks, while dogs and cats have their own plan, without any regard to your “financial investment.”.

Houston hardwood floors, on the other hand, are highly resilient and do not need to be changed. Just mop the spill up and you’re good to go. Should something impact your floor structurally, it can typically be rubbed or sanded down.

Carpet ages. If you still have shaggy carpet from the 1970s, shame on you! đŸ™‚

While there are trends in hardwood flooring, with the most recent being unique hardwood floors like Brazilian Cherry hardwoods and narrow-plank, ultra glossy Maple Hardwood Floors, rest assured that in 20 years, they will not be a remarkable source of shame like pink carpeting.

Residents who opt for carpet typically go for it because of the convenience aspect – you can sit on the floor. But all a wood floor needs is a rug or two. Toss some bean-bag chairs and recliners in front of the TV and you will not need to stress over a residence packed full of guests without place to sit.

And should you opt to sell your home in the future, you’ll have even more offers since your wood floor not just increases the value of your home, but it also gives the buyer more choices when it comes time for them to embellish the home. The neutral, earth-tone colors of wood just cannot be matched by carpet.

Additional Houston Flooring Discounts To Consider

Prestige: Hardwood flooring generally commands more awe, and, in this sense, is better than carpet. It is seen as being “high end” and “elegant”, due to the fact that it is a natural material, and its surface is unique to that certain installment. Depending on the type of wood selected, and how it is finished, hardwood can command a sense of world power, as well as eminence, when used in certain areas.

Tidiness: Many individuals feel that it is impossible to really clean carpet. With hardwood, there is no where for dust or dirt to hide making it much simpler to keep clean than carpet.

Allergies: The fact that carpet can attract and hold dust and microbes can likewise have a influence on anybody living or working in the area; especially if they experience allergies. Every time you walk across the carpet millions of tiny bits can fly into the air. With hardwood, all you need to do is wipe or sweep the surface clean and you can see that it is free of those exact same potentially damaging particles.

Long Lasting: Properly maintained hardwood flooring can last for decades, and some of the higher end products can last for generations. With carpet, you frequently have to rip up the floor and change it every few years. The capability to last longer suggests that the preliminary material investment settles more gradually with hardwood floors.

Refinished: When a hardwood floor is damaged, either by a stain, or with some sort of physical trauma, it can be refinished to look like new. This includes sanding down the surface past any defects, then re-applying the stain and or finish products to make the floor appear entirely rejuvenated. Depending on the thickness of the material this is something that can be done numerous times over the life of the floor.

Cost: According to the home improvement website Luxury Housing Trends, genuine wood floors cost significantly more than carpet. The website points out that real wood floors can cost $10 or more per square foot, while carpet expenses are on average considerably less.

Upkeep: Genuine wood floors need rather less maintenance and upkeep than carpet. Carpet usually wears out after around 10 years, however Luxury Housing Trends reminds us that genuine wood floors can last even more than a century.

Feel: Carpet Houston, according to the experts at Houston Flooring Warehouse, provides a warmer and plusher feel. Luxury Housing Trends notes that real wood floors normally keep cold, however, quality wood floors could offer heat comparable to carpeting.

Worth: Because of its longevity and simple maintenance, real wood flooring has the tendency to retain its value longer than carpet. The Flooring Lady notes that the broad range of colors and designs offered for carpets can make carpet more enticing in the short term though.

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