Comparing Olefin, Nylon, Polyester and Wool Carpeting in Houston

Some people think that there are just different brand names of carpet which there are not really different types of materials. This is far from the truth, and there are 4 significant types of wholesale carpet in Houston that can be used when you are deciding to floor your home. The most typical material that you’ll find in carpet production is nylon. Nylon is a long lasting artificial material that is really resistant to spills and is quickly maintainable. For any sort of high traffic area in your Houston home, this is generally the type of carpet that you would want to choose. To see the diverse selection we carry be sure to stop by our Houston flooring warehouse soon.

Laboratories are enhancing the effectiveness of nylon fiber, so that it becomes more long lasting and tougher, offering higher resistance to stains. These newer carpets are usually identified as stain resistant, and they include better warranties and a higher price tag.

Olefin is another sort of carpet material, which is likewise known as polypropylene. It is stain resistant and resists any damage from moisture. As well, you can use heavy chemicals without ruining your carpet.

Regrettably, Olefin does not last as long as nylon carpeting, and you will normally see this kind of carpeting in pool homes, basements, or other spaces that are not heavily utilized which do not receive heavy foot traffic.

Polyester carpet ranks in strength in between nylon and olefin carpet and has an extremely low price tag. This kind of discount carpet will not result in any set of allergic reaction, it is resistant to insects and dampness, and it is very easy to clean. This sort of carpet will irritate some Houston homeowners due to the fact that it piles, and it also is prone to dropping fibers.


Generally the kind of deals you might see in home improvement, big box stores on carpeting for around a dollar a square foot are composed of cheaper polyester carpet.

You may be amazed to know that the last kind of carpeting product is wool. Due to its very high price tag, wool carpeting is seldom utilized in most modern-day forms of carpeting and typically needs to be specially purchased. It has many positive attributes, including being soft, fire resistant, dust resistant, and very rich in texture.

Wool carpeting will never lose its softness in time as other carpets will, however you will certainly pay a high cost. It is rather hard to locate vendors of wool carpeting at all.

Houston Carpet for Your Home

Carpet for high traffic areas in your Houston home should last the test of time while looking amazing for a very long time. These are some ideas for choosing the very best carpet for high traffic areas.

Carpet for High Traffic Areas: Performance Rating Guidelines

Purchasing carpet in Houston is complicated and costly if not done with a flooring warehouse. The Carpet and Rug Institute makes choosing carpet for high traffic areas a little bit easier by establishing performance score standards that you can discover on the label of many home or commercial carpet brands. They make use of a scale of 1 to 5 to represent a carpet’s ability to withstand wear. A rating of 4.0 or higher shows exceptional resilience ideal for heavy traffic locations such as the living room, playrooms, stairs and hallways. Not all brand names are included in the ratings, but this is a valuable resource to consider.

We suggest a PAR of 4 to 5 for carpet for high traffic areas at the Houston Flooring Warehouse.

Carpet for High Traffic Areas: Shop by Features

Customer Reports is an additional helpful resource for independent findings on features to consider in selecting carpet for high traffic areas in your home, apartments or townhouses. If you do not want to go it alone at a big box store, local carpet specialists and specialized shops like Houston Flooring Warehouse can provide many helpful resources and discount carpet selections. Overall, you should think about fiber material, stack weight and style. Wool is extremely durable but pricey and requires high maintenance consisting of moth proofing. Nylon and Olefin are popular selections for high traffic areas. Polyester is often cheaper however has the tendency to tablet and shed. For high traffic areas, you typically require high tuft density, highly twisted yarn and high density level loop or frieze designs.

Carpet for High Traffic Areas: Carpet Squares

Carpet square or carpet tiles are another popular choice for high traffic areas. As the name suggests, they are sectionalized so you can change stained or used locations without changing the entire carpet.

Carpet for High Traffic Areas: Padding

Good quality padding appropriate to the type of carpet you select is crucial for durability, specifically in high traffic locations. Low-density padding will not provide much support for the carpet and you will find yourself wishing you had opted for higher density.

Carpet for High Traffic Areas: Proper Maintenance

You can make your carpet last longer in high traffic locations through correct maintenance. Vacuum frequently, tidy up any discolorations and spills right away and eliminate your shoes if possible. Steam clean frequently as required by the warranties of a lot of carpet manufacturers.

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