Engineered Flooring Houston: Easier Hardwood?

Wood Flooring in HoustonNone can reject the appeal of a hardwood floor. Those looking for that classic appearance and feel might do well to consider engineered hardwood flooring.

Engineered Hardwood
Unlike conventional hardwood, which comes straight from a tree and into your house, crafted or engineered hardwood is a more intricate item that includes numerous layers. The outermost is a hardwood veneer, a thin slice of wood (less than 1/8″). The inner layers are made from plywood, high density fiberboard, or hardwood. The core layers make the product more steady than routine hardwood, while the outer veneer surface displays beauty and authenticity. Engineered hardwood is similar to natural hardwood due to the fact that the surface is made of real wood. While laminate has a core of high density fiberboard, its surface is basically a picture of wood (or any other material, for that matter). Laminate is less expensive than crafted and strong hardwood, however does have some beautiful patterns available.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Pros – REVIEW HERE
Engineered hardwood flooring is made to decrease the moisture problems linked with standard hardwood. Engineered flooring will not deform or become puffy, making it extremely easy to maintain. Because engineered hardwood flooring needs just a thin piece of the preferred wood, the expense decreases significantly.

Environmental Advantages of Engineered Hardwood
Picking crafted flooring is considered more environmentally friendly than traditional hardwood for a couple of reasons. The sawdust produced making hardwood boards is squandered wood (and includes up to a considerable amount). Hardwood trees expand much more gradually than the trees used to make engineered flooring cores.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Cons
There are, in actuality, very few downsides to this kind of hardwood flooring, but this does not make it a foolproof project and even the right floor for every application. Less expensive than solid hardwood, engineered floors are still considerably more pricey than laminate, tile, and carpet. That said, without a doubt, the most significant issue as a homeowner ought to be avoiding inferior engineered items and producers. Veneers that are too thin cannot be sanded or refinished, and that is important because those actions could double the life time of the floor. Some veneers are so thin and poorly made that they can too soon fade or deform. Plus, core layers need to still be created from high-grade wood. Some makers try to cut corners by making use of fiberboard or oriented strand board that might compromise the integrity of your floor and could lead to an inferior flooring product.

Is Engineered Flooring Easier, Cheaper to Install?
Engineered flooring is definitively simpler to set up, in fact, some helpful property owners are even lured into installing their own engineered floors. It’s still a significant job with huge financial implications though, so don’t over-reach on your home improvement skills if you have any doubts about your skills or the project you are taking on.

Top notch crafted floors (thick veneers, quality substrate) will generally cost somewhere between $8 and $12 per square foot. When compared to an exotic and even highly-coveted hardwood, such as maple, crafted flooring is most likely to be cheaper overall. For more common hardwoods, strong wood flooring could be cheaper, although it will still take longer to install.

As may favorable things as you can say about laminate, carpet, and stone flooring, nothing compares to the charm, warmth, and traditional appearance of wood flooring. In Houston, wood flooring is a choice like no other, and while there are lots of choices out there, it’s virtually impossible to beat if you have the resources for the initial setup.

Wood Flooring: Houston, TX
What, after all, would a house in The Woodlands or Kingwood be, without at least some hardwood flooring to match the general setting of the area? Older neighborhoods around the city also commonly have actual hardwood flooring.

Houston Wooden Flooring
Wood flooring has unparalleled appeal, however the charm also can be found in several incarnations. There are countless wood types, grades, and completes to select from, and a number of similar wooden materials on top of that. Bamboo is actually a grass, however is often lumped together with hardwood flooring and has many of the exact same features. Engineered wood flooring is made from real wood and layers of plywood, features quite like solid wood flooring, and can be used in wetness rich areas. Cork flooring is a softer flooring product that looks a lot like hard-surface flooring.

Cost of Houston Wood Flooring
Wood flooring in Houston, or anywhere else, isn’t low-cost. Here’s what we understand: The nationwide average for wood flooring projects runs around $5,250. In Houston, wood flooring tasks reflect this average, but also show a broad array of expenses, that will rely on the size of your flooring area and the grade and species of your wood flooring. We’ve seen projects as low as $1,200 and as high as $8,000. Carpet, by comparison, averages only $1,600, however you’ll need to replace it often over the course of a single life time of the home.

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