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Make your old floors look like new with these three tricks

When Consumer Reports tests floors, it spends weeks scuffing, scratching, and dropping weights on wood, laminate and vinyl flooring and exposing samples to intense UV light. Not all floors stand up to such abuse. In your own home, some minor damage may enhance the rustic look of distressed or hand-scraped floors. But you’ll want to fix other flaws. Here are three tricks.

Mark it. A color-matched felt marker can hide small scratches in any floor. Some hardwood manufacturers offer color-blended filler for chips and grooves.

Sand it. Badly worn or damaged wood floors must be refinished. But you can do spot repairs of wear or damage with light buffing or sanding, followed by staining. Be especially careful with the thin veneers on engineered-wood floors.

Replace only what’s damaged. Heavy damage or a cracked stone tile typically requires chiseling out the damaged section and gluing in a new piece. But that’s still easier than removing an entire row of tiles or planks if you’ve floated the floor.

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cleaning hardwood floors

Weekly Household Quick Tip

Dust/vacuum floors

I love my hardwood floors, in fact – I cannot wait until we can replace the carpeting in our home with additional hardwood flooring!  With kids, dogs and just plain messy people, it makes life easier.

With the ease of hardwood floors, comes some special cleaning.  You certainly do not want to just use a typical harsh floor cleaner on them – you would regret it for sure.

Here are some tips that I’ve found helpful over the years:

  • Use a soft bristle broom when sweeping the wood floors.
  • When vacuuming, ensure that the beater brush is not used.  My Dyson Animal makes it easy to turn off and vacuum my hardwoods.  If you use the beater brush, you will run the risk of scratching the floors.
  • Immediately clean up any spills using a soft towel. Then dry. Water is an enemy of hardwood floors.
  • If your floors are covered with polyurethane, use a very dry damp mop for cleaning.
  • Use carpet runners in areas where there is a lot of traffic and in front of doors to trap excess dirt and moisture.

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What to Ask When You Don’t Know What to Ask

Laminate Flooring Buying Guide Houston

Where: Think about where your laminate floor will go. Get to know the AC (Abrasion Class) ratings for laminates so you can pick the one that’s right for your space.

What: Be picky! With so many laminates on the market you should be able to get the exact color, style and design you want.

Why: So many reasons. Easy to clean, hypoallergenic and perfect for homes with pets or kids as well as many types of commercial applications. Laminate prices are always less than hardwood as well as many other flooring types.

When: Installing a floor doesn’t happen overnight. Make sure you have time for delivery, acclimatization and installation of the floor. Schedule it!

Who: Do you want to Do It Yourself or hire an installer? Laminates and their easy locking systems make for ideal beginner DIY jobs.

How Laminate is Made

There are two types of laminate flooring Houston. One, known as DPL, or Direct Pressure Laminate, the other known as HPL, or High Pressure Laminate. With the HPL process, the backing and top wear layers are treated separately and then fused directly onto the core, creating a very strong floor suitable for very heavy traffic.

HPL laminates consist of the same four layers as in Direct Pressure Laminate, with the fifth layer being a special high-strength paper. HPL flooring is generally more expensive than DPL flooring but many residential applications won’t require this type of floor. Learn more about how laminates are made so you can understand which laminate is right for you.

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