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Houston Flooring Warehouse presents:

Granite Slab Clearance Center Houston TX – Welcome to Blowout corner…

Blowout Beau has exclusive deals and explosive savings on granite slabs, ceramic, and more. Blowout Beau’s deals are on this specific in-stock inventory.

This means first-come, first-served and no rain-checks. Every deal in Blowout corner is a one-off. These deals are explosive and when they’re gone THEY’RE GONE FOR GOOD! EVERY DEAL in Blowout Beau’s Bargain Corner is a ONE-OF-A-KIND DEAL! We have gone rogue blowing out this inventory at below cost. These sub-wholesale deals are exact and specific to the items listed. No restocks. You never know what Blowout Beau will have in his corner next, but you can be sure it will not last for long. Call TODAY to get the inside scoop.

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These slabs are in stock on hand now.

Gaillo Ornamental – It’s from Brazil
116×74 Slab only – cash and carry $699.00 (59.61 sf)
Giallo Ornamental (Granite 116×74) $581.10

Santa Cecilia – Brazilian – medium movement without quartz veining
117x 76 Slab only – cash and carry $699.00 (61.75 sf)
-Santa Cecilia (Granite 117×76) $602.06

New Caledonia Granite
118 x 80 Slab only – cash and carry $679.00 (65.56 sf)
New Caledonia (Granite 118×80) $553.94

Soapstone Smoke
114x 68 Slab only – cash and carry $1,199.00 (53.83 sf)
-Soapstone (Granite 114×68) $1,119.72

Star Beach Granite
119 x 77 Slab only – cash and carry $1199 (63.63 sf)
-Star Beach (Granite 119×77) $1,116.74

-Juparana (Granite 118×76) $809.60

-Quartz     (120×88) $650.00



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