Houston Flooring Guide from Houston Flooring Warehouse

Step 1: Moisture. “Will the Flooring Be Installed in a Basement or Bathroom?”.

Flooring in the bathroom, kitchen, and/or basement areas needs to be durable enough to withstand frequent moisture. Flooring in rooms where a plumbing emergency is a very real danger must be a product that can be quickly cleaned and it should not require replacement if a plumbing emergency arrives.

  • Yes: You need flooring that is fit for a high – or medium-moisture environment.
  • No: Great! Any type of flooring, consisting of the ones above, could be used. Go to the next step.

Step¬†2: Durability and Soundproofing. “Do You Have Children or pets or …?”.

If your house doesn’t have a lot of heavy traffic, you do not need to go for the extremely durable and resilient flooring options. On the other hand, if you have children or large dogs, then you probably do want to get the most long-lasting and resilient flooring option you can afford.


Some flooring materials provide natural acoustic soundproofing, while others make a basic walk down the hall seem like you’re inside a Smithsonian Institute. Think about a flooring product that muffles the transmission of sound if you don’t want the sound of your children playing to echo throughout the house. Flooring is also an important feature that can transform a room. For example, it can turn room with a large TV into an authentic home theater experience.

  • Yes: Remarkably, some flooring that appears resilient actually isn’t– at least not under the strain of Golden Retriever nails and children. Solid hardwood appears to welcome scratches, though its saving grace is that scratches can be sanded out. See: What’s the Most Durable Flooring?
  • No: Go to the next step.

Step 3: Maintenance. “Do You Want a Set-It-And-Forget-It Floor Requiring No Maintenance Tasks?”.

Simply how much time are you willing to put into the upkeep of your new floor? A little? A lot? Intend on making maintenance a day-to-day occurance? When it comes to being honest about just how much time you will really put into preserving your floor, be as callous as a coke sponsorship making a deal with a celebrity. Keep in mind that vinyl tiles don’t conceal dirt virtually as well as carpets.

  • Yes: Then go the durable (vinyl) flooring route. Tile vinyl is simple to keep, and sheet vinyl even easier. Laminate flooring is simple to keep, too– moist mop is all you need to keep it clean.
  • No: With wood, you trade appeal for maintenance. I don’t care exactly what the makers state: solid or crafted wood is work, but it’s worth it. One major job: keep high-traffic locations covered with throw runners and rugs.

Step 4: Cost. “What Is Your Square Footage Budget? $1.00 sq/ft? $5 sq/ft? More?”.

$2.00 and under: You’ll find bargain laminate flooring floating around this cost; nothing beautiful, but it has a general wood-like look. Sheet and tile resistant flooring can likewise be discovered in this price range. Great deals of beautiful ceramic and porcelain tile can be discovered in this range too– but tile is genuinely a labor-intensive setup.

$2.00-$5.00: The sweet area cost array for many types of flooring. You can snag some solid hardwood and crafted wood flooring, but don’t expect any unique woods. The more appealing laminates fall in this array, and the more quality resilient items fit very comfortably into this variety, too.

The even more off-beat laminate flooring items will be found here– plank laminate flooring. It would be outrageous to pay over this quantity for resistant flooring.

Step 5: DIY Installation. “Are You Willing To Take on Flooring Installation Yourself?”.

  • Yes: That sounds great and we can accommodate. Laminate flooring and glue-down wood crafted flooring are putty in the hands of the majority of DIYers. Vinyl tile — the same. Tile, as previously mentioned, does have a knowledge curve. Wall to wall carpet is generally difficult for DIYers to set completely flat. Solid, tongue-and-groove hardwood is best installed by the pros. We are always ready to assist DIYers and contractors with any size job, so make sure to let us know how we can help you.
  • No: No problem. We can take care of any size industrial or in-house installment with one of our high quality flooring installers.

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