How to Remove Carpet & Refinish Hardwood Floors

discount-hardwood-floors-houston-txYou might discover a great wood floor underneath an old carpet you want to replace. While the floor could be in great shape structurally, possibilities are the finish will be dingy and dull from years under the carpet, especially after you’re done scraping off the residual carpet underlayment. Getting rid of the initial layers, then applying gloss, will bring back the luster to that floor without changing its color or character.

Remove the discount carpet by hand, or using your hammer and prybar as needed. Pry off the carpet strips around the perimeter of the room and pull out any errant nail heads up. Use a floor scrape to get up residual carpet underlayment.

According to This Old House online, a screening disk is clog-resistant sandpaper that will just remove the finish of the floor, without cutting into the wood itself. It will take off any remaining recurring material from the carpets and grind away the top layer of floor gloss.

Vacuum up the dust. Switch out the heavy-grit disk for a medium one and duplicate the sanding procedure. The 2nd screening should take up the remainder of the top layer.

Vacuum the dust once again, and re-screen the floor with the fine-grit disk. It must get the surface completely free of shine and gloss, with the original color of the floor still in place.

Brush on polyurethane floor gloss starting at the edge of the room opposite the doorway. Brush it on with the direction of the floorboards, blowing and wiping away any residual dust ahead of the brush. Do the entire floor.

Use 300-grit sandpaper to a little de-gloss the surface by hand, with quick, light strokes. Wipe away the dust as you go.

Apply a second coat of polyurethane in the exact same way as the first. Let it dry, lightly sand it, then apply a 3rd coat. Let the third coat dry for two days prior to returning to use of the space.

Ways to Refresh Old Houston Hardwood Floors Without Sanding

An old wood floor that needs a little something but not necessarily a complete sanding and new stain could be a good prospect for screening. Screening is the procedure of removing just the gloss topcoat of a floor without sanding. When the old gloss is off, brand-new gloss can be applied that will beautify the floor and shield.

About Water-Damaged Hardwood Floors Houston

The most unsafe kind of damages for hardwood floors, is water. If your floors have actually experienced water damages, whether moderate or severe, there are steps that you can take to handle the scenario with care and protect your floors.

If your floors do experience water damages, you ought to initially examine the situation thoroughly to identify exactly what actions should be taken. If your floors are completely flooded, they will probably buckle. Once the wood has actually buckled, the very best course of action is to speak with a professional. It is unlikely that your floors can be quickly repaired, and it might be most effective to merely change them. If your floors only have minor water damages, there are a still a number of actions that you can try to manage this problem.

If the broken floor is cupping but not buckling, then your flooring, though significantly harmed, is still salvageable. You will need to eliminate the finish and completely clean the flooring.

Mold and Mildew Damage
One of the more unsafe results of water damages is mold or mildew. Excessive mold can effect the wellness of anyone regularly exposed to it, causing headaches or respiratory problems. If you discover mold or mildew on your floors, take action to take care of it immediately. To clean mildew, scrub the floor with a mixture of about 5 tbsp. washing seltzer in a gallon of water. Wash the location thoroughly and allow to dry totally. Coat the floor with a mildew-resistant finish. If you have issues with mold, you will have to get rid of the finish. You should then scrub the wood with a mixture of about 1 cup of bleach, 5 tablespoons of trisodium phosphate and a gallon of water. Additional bleach might be needed to remove the mold entirely.

Water damages can be a really challenging problem to deal with on hardwood floors. When a spill does occur, clean it up right away and allow the floor to dry totally before making use of any of the above methods to clean or get rid of discolorations.

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