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If you are remodeling your home or business and are looking for quality, hand-scraped laminate floors, then you are in luck! Houston Flooring Warehouse is full of durable, beautiful laminate flooring at ultra deep discount prices. Laminate flooring looks and feels just like classic hardwood flooring, while keeping costs low. Not to mention, it’s easy to maintain and install. Our warehouse offers a wide selection of high-quality laminate options, and we have in-house installers to guarantee the job is done right.


When you invest in laminate flooring, you get your money’s worth. The appearance barely changes over time because it is made out of pressed wood. This material is scratch-resistant. The color doesn’t fade either, so it can be placed in a room with lots of sunlight. It outperforms hardwood floors in maintaining a fresh appearance because the strong laminate material can endure more surface-level damage. It’s also less susceptible to wear and tear. That means that it’s children and pet friendly. This floor is perfect for high traffic areas and big families.


Although this flooring may look like hardwood, the maintenance varies. Laminate flooring can’t be refinished if it experiences stains or damage, unlike hardwood floors. It is important to clean spills as soon as they happen. Liquids can damage this floor, which is why traditional mopping days are over. You only need to mop two times a month! Make sure the mop is almost completely dry before using it. Only use cleaning products that are specifically made for laminate floors. As for cleaning up dirt, a soft-bristle broom, a dust mop, or a vacuum will get the job done. Overall, keeping this floor clean is fairly easy, you just need to provide extra attention to the products and amount of water you are using.

DIY or In-House Installers

Laminate flooring is simple to install, making it an easy DIY project. It doesn’t need to be glued down, nor does it require grout or mortar. You don’t need many tools either. A hand saw, a circular saw, or a flooring cutter can be used to cut the planks.

If you want to save your time and resources, Houston Flooring Warehouse has you covered. We have an expert team of installers with many years of experience under their belt. We can pair you with our installers as soon as you decide on the perfect laminate flooring solution. We offer installation as early as the next day, and all our products are fully warrantied!

Houston Flooring Warehouse

At Houston Flooring Warehouse, our priority is offering top-tier quality and brands at a deeply discounted price. We have wholesale direct prices, which means you will get the same deals that contractors and distributors receive. Our power-buy specials and everyday low prices will ensure that you leave our local store with huge savings. Houston Flooring Warehouse has a wide selection of laminate flooring that comes in many colors and textures. Give us a call or come into our store today, and our knowledgeable staff will help you find the most suitable flooring solution.

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