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“I can’t find carpeting for motorhomes”, is something we have heard many times.  Few companies offer it and those few that do charge an arm and a leg.  Obviously motorhomes present a different set of issues with floor replacement as opposed to homes, businesses, retail locations and apartments, but that does not mean you should pay a severe premium for a flooring materils that you can install yourself?  Yes, campers can get messy and the flooring can take a beating and that should factor into your flooring decision. Stain resistant carpet is highly recommended for campers.  Recreational vehicle floor installation possibilities include: pattern carpets, indoor outdoor carpeting, woven carpet, tufted, berber, level loop and carpeting squares (carpet tiles).

Your motorhome is a huge investment and a big part of your lifestyle.  Replacing your flooring can really make your camper feel like new again and make your vacations much more pleasant.

New Motorhome DIY Flooring Installation

Depending the age of your recreational vehicle you may have old-fashioned, very ugly carpet now.  Replacing that old carpeting can give your motorhome a fresh new feeling.  Most often customers are looking for a darker color that will not show dirt, a low pile that is easier to clean and a quality stain resistant one that will clean up like new if it gets dirty.  Remember that low pile is much easier to vacuum and quicker too!  Often the original carpeting has a very thin pad, sometimes paper thin.  Upgrading the pad is a great way to upgrade your RVs comfort level.

How to choose?

There is a lot to think about from color matching, design style to durability.  Your individual use will play a big role in your optimal selection.  For example the color of the carpeting can show or hide dirt depending on the selection.  Lower pile carpets are easier to clean than long shag.  Better quality, thicker pad will make it more comfortable.  The further you go out into nature the more you may want to consider something that is easier to clean!

Flooring options should be suited to the camper’s lifestyle.  If you primarily use your RV to go to beaches then you will most likely be dealing with sand most of the time, but if you are out in the woods mud could be an issue.  Whether or not you have younger children is another consideration.

RV Carpet Replacement Cost

Concerned with rv carpet replacement cost?  Don’t be, we offer the same massive discounts on first quality flooring for DIY RV installation that we do on all of our flooring.  If you need diy rv carpet installation we have rv carpet for sale!  Now you don’t need to fret over the cost to recarpet your motorhome.

Are you thinking about replacing carpet in rv with laminate?  If you are looking motorhome flooring replacements come to Houston Flooring Warehouse for the best replacement flooring for diy rv installation.  Even more exotic options may include tile with Ditramat or Stratamat.  It is important to note that some hard surface flooring manufacturers will not warranty material installed into motorhomes or trailers.  Overall carpet is by far the most popular choice for replacement flooring in motorhomes, RVs and trailers.

What is the best replacement flooring for rv installation?

The flooring that you want!  From plush carpet and frieze to waterproof LVP vinyl plank flooring, WPC ( wood plastic composite / waterproof composite) to laminate the ideal floor for your motorhome is just call away at Houston Flooring Warehouse.  We have secured truckloads of high end commercial grade   heavy duty carpeting by Mohawk and Shaw  in short rolls – just right for do it yourself motorhome installation.

Come to Houston Flooring Warehouse and save big on your new floor in your recreational vehicle, trailer, camper or motorhome.  Get a great new floor at a reasonable price that will leave you happy down the road.

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