Refreshing your home is easy. All that you need to do is choose a new type of flooring and have it installed. Voila! Your home will look better, and you don’t even need to overhaul your décor, as long as you pick a type of flooring that works with everything still in the room. However, before you start looking for  Houston carpet stores, there are some things that you need to know. This way, you’ll be prepared to find the best carpeting for your needs – something that works well in your home.

Which Room Is Going to Be Updated?

Let’s start by examining the room that’s going to be updated. Is it your kitchen? Your dining room? Your living room? Each space requires a different type of flooring. For example, kitchens need a floor that is easy to clean. If you spill something in there, you’ll need to wipe it up right away. The floor also needs to be comfortable to stand on, since you’ll be in there cooking for at least half an hour every day. This is why things like tile, linoleum, and even hardwoods work well in this room. The dining room is kind of a mixed bag as far as flooring is concerned since just about anything can go in there. You can get away with a carpeting, tiled, or even wood-floored dining room. Next is the living room. This space needs to be comfortable, which is why many people choose to have carpeting installed here. It warms up the room. Keep in mind that these are just examples. You need to think about the space and what types of activities go on in there before you head out to one of the many Houston carpet stores to choose your flooring.


Majestic Touch Frieze

Frieze Carpeting: "Majestic Touch" MAJESTIC TOUCH IS THE BEST FRIEZE CARPET FOR THE PRICE  Installed with pad SOLD OUT FREE Installation ...
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BOUNDLESS Solid Color Frieze Carpet WAS $1.89  SOLD OUT FREE Installation FREE Pad FREE Carpet Take-Up* Continuous filament carpeting Premium PET Fiber Lifetime Stain Warranty *see ...
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Trackless Plush Carpeting: “Uptown” Uptown Heavyweight Plush Carpet UPTOWN Heavyweight Trackless Plush Carpet WAS $3.99  SOLD OUT FREE Installation FREE Pad FREE Carpet Take-Up* ...
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contempo berber carpeting

Contempo Level Loop Carpeting

Level Loop Commercial Carpeting: "Contempo" CONTEMPO - Level Loop Commercial WAS $1.89  SOLD OUT FREE Installation FREE Carpet Take-Up* Moderate / Heavy Commercial ...
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Celebrity Textured Saxony Carpeting

Textured Saxony Carpeting: "Celebrity" Celebrity Trackless Textured Saxony Carpet WAS $2.19  SOLD OUT FREE Installation FREE Pad FREE Carpet Take-Up* Premium  PET Fiber 10 ...
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Paradise Dream Carpet

Frieze Carpeting: “Paradise Dream” Paradise Dream Frieze Carpet Premium Frieze Carpet WAS $2.49  SOLD OUT FREE Installation FREE Pad FREE Carpet Take-Up* Premium PET Fiber ...
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Cozy Elegance Carpet

65oz Plush Carpeting: “Cozy Elegance” Cozy Elegance 65oz Plush Carpet WAS $3.49  SOLD OUT FREE Pad FREE Carpet Take-Up* 100% soft solution dyed PED ...
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Cuddlesweet Ultra-Baby Soft Carpeting

SUPER SOFT HEAVYWEIGHT CARPET: “Cuddlesweet” Cuddlesweet: "The Super-Soft Carpet for Moms That Care" With one touch of baby-soft Cuddlesweet carpet ...
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woven carpet

High End Luxury Carpet

High End Luxury Carpet SOLD OUT We have a large selection of high-end luxury carpet at deep discount prices!Luxury carpet ...
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Royal Beauty Frieze Carpeting

Frieze Carpeting: "Royal Beauty" Royal Beauty Frieze Carpet Discounted Private Label Frieze Carpeting | In 3 beautiful designer colorsOur next ...
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TIMELESS BEAUTY – 45 oz Ultra-Soft Carpet

TIMELESS BEAUTY – 45 oz Ultra-Soft Carpet

42 oz Ultra-Soft Carpet SOLD OUT FREE Installation FREE Carpet Take-Up* Heavy Duty 42oz Ultra Soft Carpet Microban Antimicrobial Technology Lifetime Stain ...
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houston carpet tiles carpeting squares

Carpet Tiles Carpeting Squares

Carpet tiles a.k.a Carpet Squares are a great flooring solution with many uses from commercial and office spaces to homes ...
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