Southerleigh Durabody Travertine Tile

interceramicTravertine Tile by Interceramic 

Southerleigh Durabody Ceramic Tile

  • 16 x 16 only $1.39 /sf
  • 12 x 24 only $1.39 /sf

Southerliegh Durabody Travertine Tile (16 inch by 16 inch) and (12 inch by 24 inch)
Professional Installation Service Also Available

Introducing travertine without the hassle and without the issues. Get the look of natural travertine with the durability of tile and the ease of maintenance of Interceramic Durabody!   Get the beautiful natural stone look only much more durable and easier to maintain with durabody ceramic tile by Interceramic.

Durabody ceramic tiles are made to last a lifetime, while looking like the day they were installed. That`s a lifetime of muddy paws, stomping children, cold snaps and everything else life can throw at it. The Durabody secret? Durabody tiles are fired at the same temperature and glazed just like porcelain. That means you get virtually the same frost resistance, water resistance and durability as porcelain at a fraction of the cost. And with designs to match your taste, Durabody tiles will make any space beautiful-inside or out!

  • COLORS: Wheat, Hopp, Maris
  • SIZES: 16 x 16 and 12 x 24
  • PEI Rating: IV

We are proud to be partnered with Interceramic, the only manufacturer offering ceramic tile at a higher standard in the North America. It looks like porcelain. It performs like porcelain. It´s more affordable than porcelain. Interceramic continues to set the standards for innovation and quality.

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Traditional travertine is a sedimentary rock formed by limestone deposits in mineral springs such as hot springs by the precipitation of calcium carbonate in a rapid manner at the mouth of a cave or similar structure.  It may be tan, white or cream colored and has been used as a building material for centuries. The Roman Colosseum is mostly made of travertine and it is the largest travertine building in the world.  The Getty Center is California is also made of travertine as is the Shell-Hause in Berlin, Germany. Buy travertine is best known as a natural stone that is used for flooring, walkways, patios and paths. Some refer to it as marble travertine or limestone travertine, but technically travertine is a limestone and not a marble.  It is pitted often with holes, in the case of flooring material the holes may be filled by the tile manufacturer.  The quality of the travertine is often measured by the lack or abundance of filling in the tiles.

Durabody travertine takes a new approach to tile flooring by combining the firing techniques of porcelain with ceramic material to create a revolutionary new flooring material that has the strengths of porcelain, the look of natural stone and the lower costs of ceramic.