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Terms and Conditions

Your purchase is subject to Stacy & Associates, Inc.’s Terms and Conditions of sale, which are set forth below for your reference.  Please read them carefully.

Warranty is void if purchase price is not paid in full.  Customer has a one (1) year industry standard warranty on all installation services unless otherwise mentioned in writing.  Product warranties are subject to manufacturer’s guidelines for Warranties.

“Company” and/or “Seller” refers to Stacy & Associates, Inc., a Texas Corporation d/b/a “S&H Distributing”, “S&H Flooring”, “Peek’s Flooring”, “Dallas Flooring Warehouse”, “Houston Flooring Warehouse”.  “Customer” and/or “Owner” refers to the party purchasing material and/or services from the Company, to the property where the material and/or services are installed, or the party responsible for the material and/or services.

We at Stacy & Associates  appreciate the opportunity to work in our customer’s establishment. To better serve you, we gladly take every precaution when working in customer’s real property and/or handling client’s personal property. Our desire is to have our work orders fulfilled as smoothly and hassle free as possible. Please visit our website for a complete list of Terms and Conditions.

There are certain elements that are out of our control and the Company is not responsible, these items are as follows but not limited to:

  • Dye-lots may have a variation from sample
  • Measurements taken by customer
  • Delays from vendor or manufacturer, weather or elements
  • Damage or conditions to existing moldings, door jambs, or fixtures. This includes dents, scratches, chips, breaks.
  • Hidden water lines
  • Minor damage to furniture if you elect our installers to move it. (scratches, dents, dings, chips, breaks)

The Company does not perform certain tasks such as (this list is not all inclusive):

  • Cut/plane doors
  • Connecting electric, gas, plumbing, or any other service not mentioned in the contract
  • Moving electronic devices such as but not limited to TV, stereos, stereo equipment, electronic beds, computers
  • Moving breakable items such as lamps, mirrors, decorative items
  • Moving pool tables, piano, and/or glass china cabinets, fish tanks
  • Moving Grandfather Clocks or other items requiring calibration
  • Items that a two-man crew is incapable of moving

Remodeling and installation is an exciting time. Many things are happening in order to fulfill your new installation. There are a few things keep in mind:

  • Carpet seams are common, no seam is totally invisible
  • Dust and debris from demolition and installation are to be expected and unavoidable
  • Unforeseen structural problems may cause the installation amount and time frame to change
  • Clear the area from obstacles

Floor Tolerance is very important with certain product and installations. The measure agent will look for this while measuring. If there is existing carpet on the floor; the exact Floor Tolerance cannot be determined. Water damage may be hidden under layers of flooring. What cannot be seen cannot be accurately priced. Extra labor services may be required. These may include but not limited to: removal and haul away of existing floor coverings, stair labor, spindles, trim labor, subfloor preparation or furniture moving. Installation of flooring requires preparation of the subfloor. The costs for this subfloor preparation are not included in the installation cost estimates shown on this site because these costs can only be determined upon site inspection. These special labor services require additional charges. Installers will only perform work shown on the work order. Special approval of additional services will be needed before installer will perform work not shown on work order.

Stacy & Associates does not specialize in moving furniture or appliances. We encourage customers to hire trade specific personnel to perform the tasks desired.  If the customer elects to have the Company’s installers move personal property, the Company, will take every precaution to move your furniture with care. The customer acknowledges the Company is not liable for any damages that may occur from performing this task.

Quotes and Estimates are good for thirty (30) days. In the event the customer changes their mind, certain fees may be applicable to the products/material already purchased.  There is a 5 carton minimum amount for return on all hard surface products with a 25% restocking fee if purchased within thirty (30) days. If the purchase is greater than 30 days it is not refundable.  Transitions, trims, baseboards, grout, adhesive, and caulking or other sundries are nonrefundable.  Special order carpets are nonrefundable.

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