Amplify Plank

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Amplify Plank is an Apex SDP Polyester carpet with a lustrous patterned looped surface suitable for any interior. It has a fiber weight of 18 ounces and comes in 13 various hues that bring a sense of professionalism to any space. Amplify Plank is an ideal carpet for an office area, hotel rooms, retail stores and many more areas. Plus, a Nexus Modular backing provides advanced durability day after day. Amplify includes a lifetime Nexus Modular dimensional stability warranty as well as lifetime warranties that cover fiber performance for static, stain removal, and colorfastness to light and atmospheric contaminants for extra protection.

Construction – Patterned Loop

Backing – Nexus® Modular

Dye Method – Solution Dyed

Fiber Type – 95% Apex SDP® Polyester / 5% SD Nylon

Fiber Weight – 18 oz

Pile Density – 6416

Product Size – 12×48

Gauge – 1/12

TARR – 3.5

CRI GLP Approved – Yes

Installation Methods – Herringbone, Monolithic


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